Are Running Shoes GOOD for Tennis, Win-Win?

I own quite a few pairs of running shoes; I like the odd game of tennis. I don’t play enough tennis to warrant buying tennis shoes. So are running shoes good for tennis? Let’s examine this more closely. Running shoes are designed for forward motion, with extra cushioning in the heel to absorb shock. Conversely, … Read more

The Best Minimalist Running Shoes for a Comfortable Run

One of the most important factors in having a successful and comfortable run is having the right pair of shoes. Minimalist running shoes have become increasingly popular due to their lightweight and flexible design. These shoes are designed to mimic the feeling of running barefoot while still providing protection and support. When shopping for minimalist … Read more

When Was Running Invented? A History of Running

Running is a fundamental human ability that has been around for thousands of years. It is a natural movement humans have been doing since the dawn of time. But exactly when was running invented? Our records of running date back to ancient civilizations, where running was necessary for survival. Evidence shows that the earliest running-themed … Read more

Where to Put Your Phone When Running: A Guide for Active Individuals

Running with your phone can be a great way to stay connected, track your progress, and listen to music or podcasts while you exercise. Sadly, we don’t all have a running coach to hold our phones while we train! I’ve been running for nearly ten years and have probably tried everyone option going. There isn’t … Read more