Olympic Sprinter Name Generator

With Paris 2024 just around the corner, we thought it would be fun to create a sprinter name generator! All you need to do it enter ONE word to describe the way your running style, then let the generator do it’s magic!

The Biggest Mistakes People Make When Starting Running After 40

Understanding the Basics of Running After 40 Starting running after 40 requires a thoughtful approach. It’s important to gradually build up your fitness and pay attention to your body’s needs. The Importance of a Gradual Start We should ease into running to avoid injury. A slow start helps build endurance and strength safely. Begin with … Read more

How to Avoid Feeling Guilty for Taking Time to Run: Embrace Self-Care

Understanding the Importance of Personal Time Taking time for oneself, especially for activities like running, can have multiple benefits. It is crucial to recognise the positive impacts of personal time and to know when it’s necessary to take a break. Identifying the Benefits of Running Running offers significant physical and mental health benefits. Physically, it … Read more

The Worst Things to Do Right Before a Race: Tips to Avoid Pre-Race Mistakes

1. Neglecting Warm-Up Routines As athletes, we all know the importance of warming up before a race. However, it’s surprising how many people neglect this essential part of their pre-race routine. Skipping warm-ups can lead to a range of negative consequences, including poor performance, injury, and even long-term damage. One of the most significant risks … Read more

What Not to Do When Running in Cold Weather

1. Understanding the Risks of Cold-Weather Running When we go for a run in cold weather, we expose ourselves to certain risks that we may not be aware of. Here are some of the risks that we should be aware of when running in cold weather: Hypothermia Hypothermia is a condition that occurs when our … Read more

The Little-Known Route Planning Mistake That Could Ruin Your Enjoyment of Running

Many runners know the importance of route planning to ensure a safe and enjoyable run. However, there is one little-known mistake that could ruin the entire experience. This mistake involves failing to consider the elevation changes along the route, which can lead to unexpected fatigue and a less enjoyable run. When planning a route, many … Read more

The Top 10 Worst Excuses for Skipping Your Run

Common Excuses and How to Overcome Them I’m Not Feeling Well It’s easy to skip a run when you’re not feeling 100%, but sometimes a little exercise can actually make you feel better. If you’re feeling under the weather, try going for a shorter run or a brisk walk instead. Remember to listen to your … Read more