Best Trail Running Podcasts: Top Picks for Trail Runners

I listen to podcasts every time I go running. It’s the only time I get to listen to them. Whether you are an experienced trail runner or a beginner looking to learn more, podcasts can be a great resource for tips, motivation, and inspiration. This article will explore some of the best trail-running podcasts available … Read more

What is a Pacer in Running?

Pacing is crucial to running, especially in long-distance races like marathons and half-marathons.It involves maintaining a consistent speed throughout the race to avoid exhaustion and ensure you cross the finish line within your target time. This is where pacers come in – experienced runners who help others maintain a steady pace and achieve their goals. … Read more

Chewing Gum While Running: Benefits and Risks

Chewing gum has been a popular habit for many runners, but is it beneficial? Let me start by stating my position on this, I don’t chew gum while running. But that’s not to say it isn’t beneficial to some people.  Some runners believe that chewing gum can help them improve their performance by keeping their … Read more

Where to Put Your Phone When Running: A Guide for Active Individuals

Running with your phone can be a great way to stay connected, track your progress, and listen to music or podcasts while you exercise. Sadly, we don’t all have a running coach to hold our phones while we train! I’ve been running for nearly ten years and have probably tried everyone option going. There isn’t … Read more

Why Do Carbon Plate Shoes Cause Injury?

You may have heard some runners talk about how carbon plate running shoes can cause an injury. That made you wonder if it would make sense to buy carbon plate since it costs more than regular running shoes. Carbon plate shoes lack the flexibility of traditional running shoes. Do carbon plate running shoes cause injury? … Read more

How Long Does It Take To Run 8km? Amazing Facts

8km is a non-standard running distance. In the Olympics, the long-distance lengths are 5km and 10km. However, it is a good milestone if you’re training for 10 km. Today, I will explain how long it takes a runner of different fitness levels to complete 8km. How Long Does It Take To Run 8km? How long … Read more