When Can A Baby Go In A Jogging Stroller?

When it is beautiful outside for some people, there is no better feeling than going for a run. When you’ve had a new baby,  you may be excited to get back out there.

Working out, getting fresh air, and sharing the experience with your child can make your day better. You may ask yourself how young is too young to take your baby along for the ride.

Babies can ride in a running stroller from 6 months, it is at this point when their neck muscles are strong enough to support their head. The most important thing to look for is if your baby can easily hold its head up as most running strollers don’t fully recline.

If your baby has no neck strength, it is not safe to have them in a jogging stroller. It is important to note that some younger babies do not like jogging strollers at first.

Some strollers allow you to place inserts in them to help take the weight off of the baby’s neck. Even when a six-month-old falls asleep, their head will flop around. Read on to find out even more information about your baby riding in a jogging stroller.

What Is The Recommended Age?

From six months of age is said to be an ok time to start taking your baby for a ride. Your baby will most likely have full neck and head control at these ages, go a little longer between feedings, and be comfortable in the stroller.

Although jogging strollers do not typically lay flat this means the baby will be laying at an incline. If they have no head control, their neck will not be able to support their head’s weight and can cause them pain or an injury.

The constant jerking and bouncing are also not good on an infant’s head or body. Babies do get bounced around in the womb but have many shock absorbers and gently float around. A jogging stroller hits more bumps than you may realize.

Dressing For The Climate

Most people like to dress infants one layer warmer than what they are wearing. Younger babies do not have as much control over their body’s heating and cooling. There are a few things to take into consideration when dressing your baby for a run.

When it is Hot Outside

When it is hot outside, remember that your baby can not tell you they are overheating. It can get very stuffy inside the stroller, especially a more enclosed stroller, but an open stroller also has its own set of risks. Strong breezes can take your baby’s breath away while the sun can quickly burn their young skin. 

A small battery-operated clip-on fan can be a great solution on a hot day. It will be the perfect combination of sun coverage, stopping strong breezes, and keeping a nice airflow through the stroller.

When it is Cold Outside

When you want to go for a run in cold weather, you need to ask yourself if you would stand outside with your baby at that temperature. Strollers are not heat controlled, and neither are younger babies. You will wear far fewer clothes because you will be running, getting your heart racing, and gearing yourself up.

If it is cold enough, make sure to have your baby in a warm hat as heat can quickly leave the body from the head, and wrapped up nicely. They can get in a good nap while you enjoy the crisp cool air. 

If there is a chance of rain, make sure the stroller is water-resistant without tears. One way to ruin a good run is for it to start to sprinkle, leaving your baby misted and angry.

When To Go For A Jog

As your baby grows, you will get to know their schedule a little more. Always make sure you have plenty of time before a feeding. You can also plan a stop in the middle to feed and change your baby, extending your run.

Some babies will hate the jogging stroller at first. With the help of some blankets, timing the jog right, and being prepared, you can quickly get in a full run every day if you want. 

Type Of Stroller

Not all strollers are created equal. You should never run with your everyday stroller. Not only could the wheels break, but the shocks are not up to par with a jogging stroller. Your baby would feel every bump, and traditional strollers do not have any safety features to slow the stroller.

Jogging strollers are equipped with brakes to slow the stroller when running downhill or if you need to take a break. They also almost always come with some type of strap that is placed around your wrist and is attached to the stroller. This is an extra assurance that the stroller is not going anywhere without you.

Make sure your stroller is breathable. If it’s a warm and dry day, it will get very stuffy inside a stroller with a large enclosed canopy. You also do not want the sun beating down on your baby the whole time. Finding the perfect combination for the area where you live is an easy task and will take only a little research.

Shocks And Terrian

Make sure your stroller has good suspension if you will be running in areas with a little bit rougher terrain. Some strollers have little to no suspension, while others create an exceptionally smooth ride for your baby. The type of stroller you buy and the shocks it has, as mentioned above, will determine what terrains you can take on. 

Safety Tips

While, for the most part, these tips will seem like common knowledge, there may be some that are second-guessing themselves. Here are a few simple safety tips to always remember when taking your baby for a jog:

Strap Your Baby In

Always strap your baby in fully. It may seem strange to fully strap in a baby in a stroller because “where could they go?” The fact is that it is for their safety. Accidents happen when you run. You can get up to a decent speed sailing past people. 

Worst case scenario, you could hit a hole, a branch, or stumble, and the stroller could tip. That would be every parent’s nightmare to have their child tossed out of the stroller. When they are safely secured and old enough to be in a jogging stroller, it is the best situation in case of a tip over.

Be Observant 

It is a sad fact that pedestrians are often struck by vehicles that did not have the right of way. While you are enjoying your run, it is always a great idea to keep an eye on your surroundings and drivers. Instead of turning up the music in your earbuds, making you less likely to hear a vehicle or your baby fussing, soak up the sounds around you.

Jogging With Your Baby

With a few simple precautions to take, your baby can easily ride along with you on your runs. If you are still unsure, you can always check with your baby’s doctor to double-check that your baby is good to go. For the most part, if your child can control their neck, is fully strapped in, and dressed for the right weather, there is no reason you can’t go for a run. Whether it is the beach, park, mountain trails, or your neighborhood, you will be able to get out and know your baby is safe.


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