7 Ways to Keep Your Phone Dry While Running in the Rain

If you are gearing up to run in the rain, you are probably putting on some water-resistant clothing to keep you dry. Before you head out the door to go, you might grab your phone to track your route or listen to music. How do you keep your phone dry while running, though?

Is your phone going to be safe from the rain if you leave it in your pocket? Is there more you can do to protect it? Question no longer. We can give you multiple techniques to help ensure your phone stays dry while you’re out running in the rain. 

1. Waterproof Rain Jacket Pockets

There is a key difference between waterproof and water-resistant rain jackets. A waterproof jacket will not let any water in when completely submerged underwater, whereas a water-resistant jacket will repel the water, but some will still make its way inside. 

If you want to ensure your phone stays completely dry, you should invest in a waterproof jacket. 

If you’re willing to take your chances and plan on using another method along with the jacket, you can use a water-resistant jacket. However, you need to be aware that there is still the possibility of water getting through, especially if it begins to downpour on you. 

Downfalls of A Waterproof Rain Jacket

A waterproof jacket is sure to keep your phone dry, but it may not be ideal for running. Since it is waterproof, that means it is not very breathable. Due to this, you may begin to overheat while running. 

If you live in a warm climate, this may not be an ideal solution for you. 

2. Use A Waterproof Phone Case

There are multiple different types of waterproof phone cases that will keep your phone dry even when submerged underwater. This makes them perfect for ensuring your phone stays dry during your run. 

When looking for a waterproof phone case, make sure that it is indeed waterproof and not just water-resistant. Although, if you are placing your phone within a water-resistant jacket, a water-resistant phone case may be able to get the job done. 

To be safe, though, a waterproof case is your best option to ensure your phone does not get wet while you are on your run.

If you are having difficulty finding a waterproof case, here are some of the top iPhone and Samsung waterproof cases, according to Spy.com. 

3. Invest in A Dry Bag

If you don’t want a bulky waterproof case, then you should consider buying a dry bag or waterproof phone pouch

Almost any type of phone can slip into a universal waterproof pouch and be completely protected from the rain. You can even still use the touchscreen of your phone through the bag. 

Use the strap to secure the bag to you and ensure you don’t drop your phone on your rainy run. 

You should always test your dry bag before going for your run to ensure it truly is waterproof. Ensure it is closed properly and has no holes so that your phone doesn’t get any water on it. 

4. Use A Waterproof Arm Band

Many runners enjoy running without any bulky gear, even during the rain. This means that they don’t have pockets for holding their phone. If you are someone like this, you should consider investing in a waterproof armband

These cases wrap around your arm while keeping your phone dry during your run. You don’t have to worry about bulky rain jackets or your phone slipping out of your pocket.

5. Using A Waterproof Bag

Many runners do not like to run with a bag on their back, but a select few do. If you are someone who doesn’t mind a bag, this is a good option for you.

A waterproof bag will keep everything inside the bag dry, including your phone. Make sure you buy one that will fit tightly to your back. 

If you think a backpack is a good option for you, you can look at Runner’s World’s recommendations for one. 

An important thing to keep in mind with a backpack is that it will add extra weight to your back, whereas the smaller options we have considered will not add as much noticeable weight. They can also sway a lot while you run in you do not properly strap them around your waist. 

6. Lightweight Zip-Lock Bag

If you are not looking to invest in a new case or waterproof pouch, you can keep your phone dry by using a simple zip-lock bag. 

Slip your phone into the baggie and make sure to seal it uptight. Examine the bag to look for any rips or tears. Then place it in your pocket and head out on your run. 

This is a much less expensive option, but it is not always guaranteed to work. Ziplock bags can easily tear and let water in if you are not careful. However, they allow you to use the phone’s touchscreen still while it is in the bag. 

7. Wrap Your Phone in Plastic Wrap

If you don’t have a zip-lock bag, you can use plastic wrap. This is the least effective option, but it is better than nothing. 

Wrap your phone in plastic wrap, being sure to cover the charging port. You can wrap it a couple of times to be sure it is completely covered, but a single layer should be good enough and will allow you to use the touchscreen. 

Best Practices for Keeping Your Phone Dry

Even by placing your phone in waterproof cases and materials, there is still more you can do to keep it safe. Here are a few best practices to consider keeping your phone dry while running in the rain. 

Avoid Using Your Phone

While you’re running, if you can, avoid taking your phone out and using it. This completely defeats the purpose of a waterproof jacket pocket. It is even risky when using waterproof pouches or cases. The less you expose your phone to water, the less likely it is going to get wet. 

Use Bluetooth Headphones

If you use your phone to listen to music, don’t risk getting water in the charging or headphone port by using wires. Use Bluetooth headphones so that your phone can stay completely protected and tucked away from the rain. 

Double Up Methods

If you’re worried your phone is still going to get wet even in its waterproof case, consider doubling up on methods. Place your waterproof case within a zip-lock bag or dry bag. 

If you didn’t buy any waterproof cases, consider placing your plastic-wrapped phone in a zip-lock bag. Being extra-cautious is never a bad thing when it comes to water and electronics. 

Leave It Home or In the Car

The best way to keep your phone dry is not to take it in the rain at all. Leave it at home or in your car, and ensure your hands are dry before you start using it. 

However, nowadays, people feel the need to take their phone with them:

  • Because they are attached to always having it with them
  • For emergency use
  • To listen to music
  • To track their route

Therefore, it is not likely anyone will leave their phone at home while they take their run in the rain. 

Keep Your Phone Safe from The Rain

Running in the rain can be a fun way to exercise. Keeping your phone safe during this endeavor is imperative, though.

During today’s age, our phones have become essential aspects of our daily lives. Properly caring for them during rainy runs is important to keep your beloved electronic working at its best. 



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